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Reforgecraft is a server dedicated to custom experience of WoW with 2 realms:

Northrend realm focusing on custom content, enriched with custom systems like:

teleporting around vanilla maps, War Over world allowing you to do quests from both factions and go to their cities without getting killed,

Random Suffixes that have 90% chance to happen and scale with Item lvl + random Enchants which have 10% to happen and more.

All this while using concept of base classes and ClassLess UI as more of an upgrade system with each base class having unique perks and features.

Needless to say, this realm is full of custom content and also progression which needs to be cleared in proper order to unlock more content in the game.

Useful links:

YouTube Video with Northrend Realm information and Newbie Guide, English + Serbian Subtitles available:

Vanilla Progression Guide

Discord for support, changelogs, latest patch, updates and news:

Frostmourne realm focuses on more blizzlike content with no base classes and fully classless experience with slight touches of customization like Transmogrification, buffed elites , halved XP required to reach lvl 15 and solo Dungeon Finder.

This realm is currently closed for several bug fixes and rebalancing.

Moments from inside the Game

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