Northrend is a realm with base classes concept and ClassLess UI as more of an upgrade system. Focus is more on custom content, systems such as War Over, Random Suffixes and Chants, commands and ofc the Progression.

What does progression mean here? It unlocks more game content and without clearing it and gaining achievements in proper order you will not be able to progress through the game.

As a new player you can get some nice bags, personal vendor with reagents and useful stuff, instantly be a member of our main official Guild with access to guild chat with /g and withdrawal of any useful items and 1gold per day which will help you when starting out. You can teleport around Vanilla maps and do quests from both factions, questing much faster and with more variety of quests. When you hit lvl 15, there is solo Dungeon Finder as well, and later when you reach lvl 30 or so you can try soloing custom RFC with tough bosses that drop nice customized gear and last one drops instant lvl 42 which allows you ro skip some lvling.

Want more basic info in detail? Here is a nice YouTube video with all info you need and proper English & Serbian subtitles as well:

Once you reach lvl 42, feel free to run .t zulfarrak few times to get some nice gear and lvls. At lvl 45+ you will be ready to start Progression, so Here we go:

1) Maraudon - needed for Blackrock Depths (Defeat Princess Theradras)

Note: there are 2 entrances to Maraudon ( .t maraudon1 .t maraudon2) and 3 teleports inside ( .t tinkerer .t celebras .t princess ) as well as custom shirts quest you can take from Cavindra at .t m1

2) Blackrock Depths - needed for Blackrock Spire (Defeat Emperor Dagran Thaurissan) Note: .t ShadowForgeCity will make your dungeon run shorter

3) Blackrock Spire - needed for Stratholme (Defeat Overlord Wyrmthalak) Note: at .t blackrockspire Follow red hazard lights all the way to the Boss

4) Stratholme - needed for Zul'Gurub (Defeat the evil masterminds inhabiting Stratholme) Note: Look at your Achievements and see names of required Bosses

5) Zul'Gurub - needed for Molten Core (Defeat Hakkar) Note: There are 5 High Priests in this Raid. Each one you kill will remove one of Hakkar's Abilities and the HourGlasses you will get from priestess Arlokk can remove Hakkar's last stun. Remember to farm Bloody Money dropped by bosses here and buy vanilla PVP gear at .t m1 (Easy Randomizations!)

6) Molten Core - Kill All bosses here to spawn Majodormo and then Ragnaros Note: You can farm Gold here and some gear. Each Sulfuron Ingot from Golemagg the Incinerator is worth 10Gold!

7) Thunderfury and Sulfuras custom content - needed for Blackwing Lair. To obtain Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker:

-Slay and loot Firelord's two lieutenants, Baron Geddon and Garr. These two have halves of ancient talisman known as the [Bindings of the Windseeker]

-Take [Bindings of the Windseeker] to Highlord Demitrian in Crystal Vale in Silithus and "Examine the Vessel" , Then Clear MC and loot Ragnaros

-When you have these items, proceed to do "Thunderaan the Windseeker" quest which will spawn him if you have the needed items from MC:

Enchanted Elementium Bar (10) ; Essence of the Firelord ; Bindings of the Windseeker ; Bindings of the Windseeker

To obtain Sulfuras, the weapon of choice for Ragnaros the Firelord:

- Farm 66 Sulfuron Ingots from Golemagg the Incinerator

-You have to slay Ragnaros, He has a 60% to drop Sulfuron Hammer

- Go to Lokhtos Darkbargainer in the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths (type .t grimguzzler) and form contract with the Thorium Brotherhood

- A Binding Contract will reward you with Demonic Eye of Sulfuras which you can use to teleport to Asura to Obtain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros ,Demonic Soul Bones tokens and Long Penetration Sour Sausage which teleports you to Mr.Pickles, final Boss

Note: You need to EQUIP Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros in order to get the Achievement and clear this progression.

8) Blackwing Lair - needed for Ruins of AQ and Ashbringer content (Kill Nefarian). Note: There is Glyphs Master vendor here before first boss. You can start Ashbringer custom content as soon as you are able to enter here, you may also start Shifting Sands questline. Avoid Chromaggus Boss on your first run, he is very difficult to kill.

9a) (Currently) Optional Shifting sands content - has over 50 customized quests and tons of World of Warcraft Lore, it will be needed for starting the Legendary Heroes Questlines. Currently rewards few nice end game vanilla weapons and is not part of progression. More info can be found on this separate page:

9b) Optional (but extremely useful) Ashbringer Custom Content - good idea to start it after finishing AQ Raid first, as the Bosses and content here is a bit tough to solo. Has many useful weapons, trinkets, rings and gear. More info can be found on this separate page:

10) Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - needed to enter the Temple of AQ (Defeat Ossirian the Unscarred)

Note: Ossirian has 300% DMG buff which you can remove from him by activating custom Crystal objects that spawn upon the start of fight with him. When you attack him, go back down the stairs and activate the first object that spawns nearby to remove his 300% DMG buff. then proceed to go towards the next object that spawns and activate it once he gets his 300% DMG buff again.

11) The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Necklace of C'thun is needed for starting the Dark Portal Event as well as ReforgeCraft medallion obtained with 20VP in item shop.

Note: You can ride some mounts here to help you go through this Raid faster. C'thun is an Ancient God, don't try soloing him, watch out for his Eye Beam.

12) Opening of the Dark Portal Event - Piece of the Dark portal is needed to teleport to Outlands.

Note: You should finish the "Towards the Dark Portal" quest near .t darkportal to get tabard and be able to accept "Open the Dark Portal!" quest. You will also need Mark of C'thun Necklace from last Temple of AQ boss and ReforgeCraft Medallion. This invasion of demonic forces through the opening of Dark portal event is very difficult, thus you should finish some Ashbringer quests and get good items from it to prepare. After obtaining the Piece of the Dark portal, type .t outland or .t outland1 to enter outlands.

Next comes The Burning Crusade Progression

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